2,454 farmers certify their products as organic  


BANEPA, Aug 20: Farmers from different parts of the country have been attracted to the organic farming of late. And many agro products have received organic certification, according to Organic Certification Nepal (OCN), an institution established by Agro scientists. Altogether 2,454 farmers have certified their produce so far.

Apple produced in Jumla, honey of Dadeldhura, Coffee of Kaski, rice of Chitwan, vegetable of Kathmandu, lentils of Rasuwa, Tea of Ilam have already received organic certification.

The farmers are also more than happy as organic certified products also fetch much better price.

"Organic products fetch very good price, which costs 40 to 300 percent more than the non-organic products," Govinda Sharama Managing Director of the OCN told Republica, "Due to better price there is growing attraction to organic farming."

Before the organic certification, apple of Jumla would cost Rs 12 per kg. Now it costs Rs 43 per kg. Likewise, lentils price also soared after organic certification. Earlier, it was sold for Rs 55 per kg, now the price per kg of organic lentils has mounted to Rs 135.

Similarly, rice of Chitwan is sold for a cool Rs 65 per kg; earlier it was priced at Rs 41. Price of coffee has also increased significantly after organic certification.

Before the establishment of OCN, exports of Nepal like tea, coffee, honey, medicinal herbs had to rely on foreign institutions for the certification.

The farmers and exporters would certify their products from labs of Australia, Germany and the United States of America.

When OCN starts providing organic certification in Nepal itself, entrepreneurs and exporters have benefited in terms of fee and time, too. 

OCN is also a member of international certification network and the certification institutions of Europe, South East Asia and South Asia are the members of network, according to Sharma.

He claimed that OCN is recognized in Japan, the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, and the traders can easily export OCN certified products to these countries.

OCN certifies the products only after observing the whole process of production and storage. "That is why the products certified by OCN are fetching better price in the domestic as well as international market," Sharma said, adding "Certification is a must to export the agro products, and traders are now easily exporting the products to third countries."

According to OCN, 995 farmers from Jumla, 207 from Palpa, 294 from Kaski, 800 from Kavre, 80 from Dadeldhura and Ilam have certified their products. Likewise, nine farms have also been certified as organic.

    Published on 2014-08-21 09:53:22
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2,454 Farmers Certify Their Products As Organic
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