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Mr. Simkhada´s piece can best be called an effort to mollycoddle the political leaders and also the current government. He presents the challenges but fails to suggest creative and bold ways to confront them.He credits the defamed political party leaders for handing over power to an apolitical government, which he terms as "depoliticizing day-today governance". However, the present government is but the puppet , the puppeteers being the leaders of the HLPC. Everybody knows ea [more]
  - Bhisma
Please Stop giving so much attention to NGOs and their reports. They are part of the problem. [more]
  - napsdl
The homilies that Mr. Simkhada has offered in his article ring utterly hollow . He thinks the formation of a technocrat government as an attempt of the Poiltical parties to "depoliticize day-today governance".In a way, he is trying give all credit to the key political parties for the formation of the current apolitical government. But then he excoriates them for their pursuit of value-based politics. In fact, he fails to explain what he means by the pursuit of value-based politics.It is [more]
  - binjwala
"Nepalis want far-reaching changes, but they want those changes to be peaceful and democratic and they want their aspirations for change reflected in the new constitution to be written by their own elected representatives".

In your view, which you claim is the conclusion of your research, these poor Nepalese need to accept a constitution drafted and promulgated by people who place themselves as above all national and international laws. For people who are trying to force thi [more]
  - Monk Hermit
Dr Simkhada’s article seemed to me a mere compilation of development indicators comparing Nepal to some developed and developing countries. I think majority of literate masses in the country know where our country stands in terms of such indicators?

Dr Simkhada’s suggestions to the current government to “meet the governance deficit by professionalising its work to make people feel the deference” to me is not plausible as this government is essentially formed for carryin [more]
  - Dr N Khadka





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