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Kerry To Join Iran Nuclear Talks In Vienna
Associated Press
PARIS, Nov 20: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Vienna later Thursday to join high-level nuclear negotiations with Iran as a deadline for an agreement fast approaches.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Kerry would be going to the Austrian capital from Paris to "check in" on the talks. It was not yet determined how long he would stay in Vienna, leaving open the possibility that he might not remain until Monday´s deadline for a deal. Kerry is to meet with the U.S. negotiating team in Vienna late Thursday before scheduling meetings with other participants.
7 Killed In China Hospital Attack
Associated Press
BEIJING, Nov 20: China´s official Xinhua News Agency reports that six nurses and one janitor have been killed in a knife attack at a hospital in a northeastern resort town favored by the country´s Communist Party elite.

Xinhua said a 27-yead-old man was believed to have carried out the attack Thursday morning in Beidaihe, about 300 kilometers (185 miles) east of the capital Beijing. It gave no information about the alleged assailant´s background or any motive for the killings.
Police: 6 Dead In Ashram Standoff In North India
Associated Press
NEW DELHI, Nov 19: At least six people have died in a standoff between police and a religious leader who is believed to be holed up inside his sprawling ashram along with thousands of devotees, some of whom armed, police said Wednesday.

The guru, 63-year-old Sant Rampal, is wanted for questioning in a 2006 murder case, but has repeatedly ignored orders to appear in court.
Police, Storm Ashram In India In Search Of Guru
Associated Press
NEW DELHI, Nov 18: Indian police armed with tear gas, batons and bulldozers stormed an ashram Tuesday where a controversial guru was believed to be holed up, surrounded by thousands of supporters who vowed to prevent his arrest. At least several people were injured.

The guru, Sant Rampal, has repeatedly ignored court summons to appear for questioning in the 2006 killing of a villager by his supporters.
Amnesty: UAE In Unprecedented Clampdown On Dissent
Associated Press
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Nov 18: The United Arab Emirates has quietly mounted "an unprecedented clampdown on dissent" since 2011, with more than 100 political activists jailed or prosecuted for calling for political reforms, leading human rights group Amnesty International said in a report released Tuesday.

The nearly 80-page report said that the Western-allied Gulf Arab country projects an image of glitz and glamor, but that beneath this facade "is a much uglier reality, where activists who dare to challenge the authorities or speak out in favor of greater democracy and government accountability are thrown into jail."
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