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Wild mushroom feast kills four of a family
Local body employees call strike
Suicide-stricken families struggle to overcome guilt feeling, social stigma
Nepal locations popular for foreign film shoots
Rabid jackal injures 5, killed
SMEs for sustainable economic growth : Minister Thapa
Eastern region seeks to host Nat'l Games
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  Delving deep into meditation practices  
  BY Jharana Bajacharya Rashid  
Meditation practice can only be fruitful when we learn how to come to the center of our being. Coming to the center means living mindfully with clear understanding and always being alert. This is very important for meditation practice. We don’t have to literally sit down to meditate.

It is important to understand our mind to be able to let thoughts come and go. It is only when we are able to understand our state of mind that we will be able to let things pass and not react to them.



Sick system
Strike at Bir Hospital

The oldest hospital in the country is sick ...


Op-ed labors
From time to time, I have dilemmas, trilemmas, decalemmas and even pentadecalemmas on what to write in this space. There ...


Path to prosperity
Economic corridors

Building up on the successful visit of Indian M ...


Ads gone wild
It is almost impossible to imagine modern world sans commercial advertisements. However, messages relayed in the form of ...


Seek the middle
Talks with armed groups
A taskforce under the Constituent Assembly’s Constitutional Political Dialog ...

Campaign against drunk-driving affecting wine sales

Arjun Bhandari is the managing director ...

The current system awards nonperformers

Weekly interview with Bhojraj Pokhrel

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