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NPBCL signs principle pact with 3 Canadian firms to finance tunnel highway
800 drivers, conductors attend road safety education class
4-minute audio welcomes service seekers at Panchthar DAO
Panchkhal vegetables not harmful: DAO
Not just seats
After ADB, WB likely to cut off grants to Nepal
Thousands conglomerate at Tundikhel to form Nepal's national flag(photo feature)
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Dahal threatens to quit CA

Says parties should agree on identity-based federalism

KATHMANDU, Aug 23 :UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has warned of walking out of the Constituent Assembly (CA) and launching street protests if the parties do not reach an agreement on guaranteeing identity-based federalism in the new constitution by mid-September.

Arguing that UCPN (Maoist) along with other parties batting for identity-based federalism had joined the CA on condition of owning agreements reached in the previous CA, Dahal accused the ruling Nepali Congress and CPN-UML of backtracking from past agreements. [More]

  FICTION The One: A love story  
They say fact can be stranger than fiction. Not in my case. I believe my real life story is pretty mundane. But the editor I write for didn´t buy it when I pitched it to her. Hence the label ´fiction´ attached to this piece.

She thought I was kidding. But I know that she knew I was serious when I confessed my love for her.

I first saw her on my way to school. She was with a friend. Both of them were in ash-colored skirts, white shirts and deep-blue sweaters, the knots of their stripped navy-and-light-blue ties barely visible in their truncated V´s. Her friend, it would always be the same friend, was fair, really fair, Snow White-ish fair. I remember her so clearly for the contrast she offered walking by her friend.

Big three to talk to Baidya-led Maoists
  • Constitution through consensus, say parties
  • NC-UML meet at 5 to forge common views on statute writing

  • NPBCL signs principle pact with 3 Canadian firms to finance tunnel highway
  • After ADB, WB likely to cut off grants to Nepal
  • Consumer right activists want review of import tariff on rice

  • 800 drivers, conductors attend road safety education class
  • 4-minute audio welcomes service seekers at Panchthar DAO
  • Panchkhal vegetables not harmful: DAO

  • Introducing Gopal Yonjan to young music lovers
  • 'Kolor Kathmandu ko Katha' comes to an end
  • Health campaign dedicated to women

  • Costa guides Chelsea to 2nd straight win
  • Anil wins silver at World Taekwondo C'ship
  • U-23 football team to play friendlies against Bangladesh

  • Militia: Airstrikes in Libya's capital kill 15
  • India, Pakistan trade gunfire in Kashmir; 4 dead
  • India police re-arrest fasting activist

  • Menstruation: Is it really a sin?
    KATHMANDU, Aug 22: Our country, Nepal, is surely rich in culture, tradition and customs. Many people around the world can’t get enough of our vivacious rituals and values. But some of aspects of the same customs and traditions need to be revised. Take for example the misconceptions related to women’s menstruation cycle. Women are practically treated as ‘untouchables’ during those days. They’re kept away from sources of water and male members of their family, and they’re even told that various food items can rot if they touch them while menstruating. They aren’t even allowed to offer their prayers in temples…they need to stay away from Gods. If any woman does what she has been prohibited to do while menstruating, she’s labeled a sinner.

    Every year, the Brahmin and Chettri community of the country celebrate Rishi Panchami, (it falls a day after Hindu women’s biggest festival Teej) to wash off the ‘sins’ they have committed throughout the year by menstruating. On the particular day, they gather around nearby lakes or ponds and scrub their bodies with special soils and shrubs that are believed to ‘purify’ their otherwise ‘polluted’ bodies. In the end, after purifying themselves, they offer puja to the Sapta Rishis.    [More]
  • Educating students against violence against women
  • Dayitwa fellows on importance of public service


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