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ENGAGE scholarships open for visually impaired students
Looking through the ‘real’ life
Applications open for SamYuBaa Team Building Training
Samrat Shoes opens showroom
Sipradi introduces Michelin Care Service Van
Prime Bank supports flood victims
Asian stock markets rise as dollar gains
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Phalano by Rajesh KC
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Sunkoshi tragedy exposes dark side of Nepal's first literate district

SINDHUPALCHOWK, Sept 2: A man limped toward a makeshift camp set up by the Nepal Army (NA) to distribute relief packages to the victims of recent Sunkoshi landslide. The man, who identified himself as Mangal Tamang from Ramche VDC-5 of Sindhupalchowk district, held a card out of his shirt´s pocket and slung it over his neck, just before he entered into the camp.

It was the first evening of September and the sun was about to set in just half an hour. But, the camp was still teeming with people desperate to grab a few kilos of food grains, which NA personnel have been distributing to the landslide victims for almost a month now. [More]

  The Uninvited  
In the feeble moonlight I see that the red of the dreams is now on my fingers.

Fifteen years of the same thing happening month after month. I should be better prepared for it by now, and yet it delights in surprising me whenever it can. Possibly every month, if it had its way. The thing that is called a ‘period,’ and it tries hard to insert a comma into life.

Imagine this. The whole day I have been irritable and tetchy. I want to eat three croissants and a packetful of mushy titaura and then a jumbo pack of chips. My stomach is about to burst, and I still feel hungry. I have gotten into an argument with my best friend and snapped twice at a colleague about inconsequential matters. I feel sad and nervous and edgy, like something bad is about to happen. Finally, I give up trying to work or think or even read and crawl underneath my blankets. A beautiful dream awaits me, of lush green pasturelands and bright blue skies. There is even a rivulet with an arched bridge – how romantic! And suddenly, the rivulet turns red. It flows not in my dream but between my legs. My eyelids turn into lead. They refuse to look, the logic is that the river will dry up if I just turn over and go back to sleep.

PM to leave for 69th UNGA on Sept 19
  • Major parties agree to all-party meet, differ on modality and ToR
  • Big 3 in fresh talks over key contentions

  • Samrat Shoes opens showroom
  • Sipradi introduces Michelin Care Service Van
  • Prime Bank supports flood victims

  • 80 families at high risk of landslide
  • Rapist arrested
  • Melamchi tunnel construction in snail pace

  • Hits FM Music Awards to be held next week
  • "I'be working for films forever"
  • Short film 'Janani' premiered, music album 'Aama Nepal' launched

  • Corporate Super Sixes cricket from Sept 26
  • local sports
  • Dassanayake joins in national team's training

  • Second US journalist Sotloff reportedly beheaded
  • Pakistan: 910 militants killed since June
  • Doctors group: World 'losing' Ebola fight

  • ENGAGE scholarships open for visually impaired students
    KATHMANDU, Sept 2:In collaboration with Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind (NAWB), National Association of the Blind (NAB), Cricket Association of Nepal, Blinds Rock and Abilis Foundation, 2014 ENGAGE presented the new ‘Guiding Hands Program’ at NAWB office on Monday. ‘Guiding Hands Program’ is the volunteering program providing learning support to visually impaired Nepali students.

    The application deadline being September 12, six most needy Nepali students with visual impairment will be receiving the scholarships. In order to apply, the applicant should be studying in a national learning education above grade 11. Only those individuals are allowed to apply who are unable to read normal letter in ink and with “two most serious level of visual impairment”, states the press release.   [More]
  • Looking through the ‘real’ life
  • Applications open for SamYuBaa Team Building Training


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