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viagra onlineNovember 17:
Results of a new study conducted by Skyscanner, the world's fastest global search travel, revealed the most popular anti-jetlag methods used by the Singapore airline passengers.
One thousand Singaporean travelers took part in the survey, with four out of five saying they were flying far in the past year. On average, the participants said that they found that it took 2.3 days to recover from the effects of jetlag .
The most popular anti - jetlag technique has been found that stretching and taking light exercise on the flight, with almost two-thirds ( 61% ) of the respondents stating that they have not tried it. Following carried out and get fresh air before the flight (60 %) , setting their watches to a new time zone (48 %) and wakefulness during the flight (47 %).
More intriguingly, 11 % of respondents said that they even tried Viagra to combat the effects of jetlag , the following historical reports that taking Viagra can help restore the body's rhythm . * Sleeping pills (21 %), herbal remedies (19% ), anti- jet lag pills (18 %) and melatonin (14 %) were also used by many of the passengers in the survey.
Participants were also asked to rank which dysrhythmia methods were the most effective. While light exercise and a healthy diet have been popular events for flyers , only about half of those who tried it said they were in terms of compensation posledstviydlitelnogo flight.
The study raised some eye funds drawn about the effect of alcohol at 30,000 feet. While more than a third (37%) of travelers said they had consumed alcohol in an attempt to compensate for the difference in time, only one-third of them ( 13 %) say that it worked. However , 31 % said that they avoid alcohol on board with almost half ( 15%) say that it has been successful in negating the effects of jetlag .
Tony Gherardin, National Medical sovetnikdoktor Travel - TMC, said that his advice to deal effectively with the consequences :
"In a perfect world , to prevent jetlag we should start to take on the habits of the destination time zone before you leave the house. So , there is at the same time and sleep or rest at the same time as what you will do this addressee. course, this is not always possible at home , or even during the flight.
What works well enough to have light snacks and keep hydrated , avoiding heavy meals and alcohol. As for sleeping pills , Tony says that " the safe use of sleeping pills or melatonin , once you have reached your destination can also help in getting your body in sync with the time zone.
Skyscanner Singapore Marketing Manager Ira Noviani said: " Since the end of the holidays coming up, many will be ready for long-haul flights , and our research has shown that people often try various methods to beat jetlag - but they do not may not work for everyone. "

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