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    Nepali girl's China dream turns into nightmare

    Rescue efforts a tough task in lack of identity, address detailsKATHMANDU, Aug 4: As an increasing number of Nepali girls have been marrying Chinese men and leaving for the neighboring country of late, officials here face challenges in rescuing such girls when they find themselves in trouble and subjected to severe exploitation.One of the major challenges in rescuing the girls is the language barrier and their scant knowledge about the community and place they end up in.
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Development Committee

Secretaries of different ministries and National Planning Commission officials attending meeting of Development Committee of Legislature-Parliament at Singha Du ...


A school boy crushing stones to foot the home bill at the district headquarters Diktel in Khotang district. (Daman Rai/Republica)   ...


Customers bargain to buy flower saplings at New Road in Kathmandu. (Dipesh Shrestha/ Republica) ...

Daily chores

Carpenters chop wooden logs near Nangethanti of Myagdi District. (Dipesh Shrestha /Republica) ...


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UML, UCPN (Maoist) lambast NC over budget allocation

UML, UCPN (Maoist) lambast NC over budget allocation

KATHMANDU, Aug 4: In what can be taken as a sign of growing tension between the two ruling parties, lawmakers from the CPN-UML have expressed serious dissatisfaction with the Nepali Congress (NC) over ministry-wise allocation of budget.UML lawmakers have accused...



Forced conversion in DangHindu fundamentalists in Nepal have used proselytization to justify restoration of Hindu state in the new constitution. A number of Christian organizations and NGOs funded by such syndicates, they argue, are into forced conversion drive across the country, raising threats against the 'great' Hindu religion. They have been working hard to push Hindu agenda as political parties are debating whether to retain 'secularism' or replace it with 'religious freedom,' in the new constitution—after overwhelming majority of people expressed opinions in favor of...



Govt vows to effectively remove diclofenac from veterinary use

Govt vows to effectively remove diclofenac from veterinary use

Vulture Conservation Action Plan (2015-2019)KATHMANDU, August 1: The government in the recently published Vulture Conservation Action Plan (2015-2019) has vowed to effectively remove diclofenac from veterinary use across the country. This non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to treat livestock had...


Republica - avatar Republica

Stay alert

Possibility of cholera outbreakMonsoon is wreaking...

Tarun Pratap Shah  - avatar Tarun Pratap Shah

Think long and hard

In some villages if a young...

Roshan Kumar Jha - avatar Roshan Kumar Jha

Executive overreach

Government has shown height of irresponsibility...

Anita Yadav  - avatar Anita Yadav

Reducing obesity

Obesity contributes to cancer and also...

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The Week

Casualty & Culpability

Casualty & Culpability

The ancient Greek statesman and orator Pericles could have been talking about Nepal when he said, 'Just because you don't take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you'. He couldn't have done a better...


Jackie Chan wants to work with son Jaycee on album, movie

Jackie Chan wants to work with son Jaycee on album, movie

BEIJING, Aug 3: Action star Jackie Chan says that he intends to work with his son on a movie and an album as the pair mend their relationship after Jaycee was locked up on a drugs charge.Jaycee Chan was released...


Thirteen interview secrets for introverts

Thirteen interview secrets for introverts

Introverts often feel especially challenged by an interview as any...

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