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Evening stroll

An evening view of Basantapur Durbar Square. (Pratik Rayamajhi/Republica) ...


Visitors observe photo exhibition of late communist leader Madan Bhandari at Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal in Kathmandu. (Republica) ...

Cheering up

A volunteer entertains children from earthquake-affected families at Tundikhel, Kathmandu. (Dinesh Gole/Republica) ...

Row your boat

Participants of Second CoAS National Tri Marathon Tournament held along the Trishuli River in Dhading. (Photo Courtesy: Nepal Army) ...


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Sixty years of Sino-Nepal relations growing steadily

KATHMANDU, July 31: Establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and China enter into the sixtieth year on August 1,2015 .Nepal-China Bilateral ties have enjoyed sound and smooth development for much of the last six decades since the two countries established...


Do the math

Backlog at Supreme CourtAmong the favorite questions in Compulsory Mathematics in the annual SLC exams are the ones dealing with the number of workers needed to build a house in a given number of days. The greater the number of workers, and smaller the house, the faster the construction. The same logic applies to the rate at which our judiciary clears the cases filed with it. The greater the number of judges, and fewer the cases, the faster the clearance rate. But jurisprudence is seldom...



Spiders- the misunderstood arachnids

Spiders- the misunderstood arachnids

Spiders are one of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. Though feared by most humans, spiders are comparatively harmless compared to other members of the animal kingdom. At present, there are about 35000 known species of spiders that have been...


Basant Kumar Chaudhary - avatar Basant Kumar Chaudhary

The driving force

To manage our ecology and nature...

Republica - avatar Republica

Weekly Interview: No more bad checks. We want hard cash…

The Madhesh-based parties protested against the...

Republica - avatar Republica

Infographics: Maternity Benefits around the World

We all know that maternity leaves...

Kirti Nidhi Bista - avatar Kirti Nidhi Bista

Big blunder

China has breached our trust by...

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The Week

Casualty & Culpability

Casualty & Culpability

The ancient Greek statesman and orator Pericles could have been talking about Nepal when he said, 'Just because you don't take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you'. He couldn't have done a better...


Invisible Women? Hollywood's female superhero problem

Invisible Women? Hollywood's female superhero problem

LOS ANGELES, July 31: Batman. Spider-Man. Iron Man. Ant-Man.The list of male superheroes starring in their own big-screen escapades is bigger than Tony Stark's ego, and the billions of dollars these films have generated rival the fortunes of the well-off...


Thirteen interview secrets for introverts

Thirteen interview secrets for introverts

Introverts often feel especially challenged by an interview as any...

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