| November 28, 2015


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'Solve the crisis'

A 'Citizen March' rally was held from Maitighar to parliament building demanding an end to present crisis including Madhes protests, renovation of earthquake af ...

Market monitoring

A team led by District Administration Officials monitoring shops in Diktel after they receive complaints on artificial shortage of food items. (Daman Rai/Republ ...

UDMF vengeance continues

United Democratic Madhesi Front cadres set a truck (Na 2 Kha 2229) carrying food items on fire at Lahan on Saturday morning. (MITHILESH YADAV/Republica) ...

What is our future?

Students of Janakpur private colleges too stage rally against the Indian blockade at Bharhabigha ground, Janakpur on Saturday. (Suresh Yadav/Republica) ...


Govt-UDMF talks on hold; next meet in few days, says govt

KATHMANDU, Nov 28: The agitating parties of the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) have accused the government of not creating environment conducive for talks. The UDMF leaders have said that the government is not taking initiative to this effect despite...


Daughter killed after father fires pistol accidentally

DOLAKHA, Nov. 28: A girl has died in an accidental firing of a home-made pistol that her father was toying with in their home in Bhimsen municipality-7.Ram Krishna Chaulagain, the culprit however had lied to police initially by telling them...


Virtuous circle

Students against blockadeKathmandu witnessed a rare sight on Friday. Up to 500,000 students from various schools and colleges linked their hands to form a human chain along the 27-km Ring Road. There were out on the street to protest the unjust economic blockade imposed by India and let the world know that their right to education was being violated. Although we don’t approve of the use of children in any kind of protest, peaceful or otherwise, it is hard to see what else the schools...


Chetana Dahal - avatar Chetana Dahal

Open Sesame

Open health data encourage innovation and...

Uddhav Raj Pandey - avatar Uddhav Raj Pandey

Nuclear-free Nepal

If Nepal is to maintain its...

Andrew Robinson - avatar Andrew Robinson

Einstein’s fame

Why is Einstein so famous though...

Republica - avatar Republica

Infographics: Countries with largest immigrant populations

Luxembourg has the highest immigrant population...

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The Week

Cover story: Scars are forever

Cover story: Scars are forever

Scarred fingers move deftly fixing the wick on a freshly made six-inch candle. Callused hands mold hot, molten wax never hesitating as heat ripples through her skin reminding her of the time she burnt. Simran KC, who suffered 45% burn...

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Sunny Leone arrives in Nepal

Sunny Leone arrives in Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nov 28: Bollywood actress Sunny Leone arrived in Nepal on Saturday."Off to one of my fav places in the world!! Nepal! So excited!!! ," Leone writes in her Twitter account.She has made the announcement by posting an Instagram photo...


For self employers: Keeping yourself motivated

For self employers: Keeping yourself motivated

Keeping yourself motivated KATHMANDU, Nov 24: Whether you are an entrepreneur...


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