| February 14, 2016


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Woolen threads

Women prepare woolen thread using Charkha at Chapagaun in Lalitpur. (Dipesh Shrestha) ...

Selfie craze

A girl takes selfies during a program organized by WWF Nepal with an aim to motivate young generation to plant green plants and flowers, in Kathmandu. (Dinesh G ...

Escaping the hustle and bustle

A couple at Godavari Park, Lalitpur. (Dinesh Gole) ...

Love in air

A couple carries flowers on a motorbike on the eve of Valentine's Day in eastern Pakistan's Lahore. (Xinhua/RSS) ...


NC General Convention inauguration at Khula Manch

NC General Convention inauguration at Khula Manch

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: The inaugural ceremony of the 13th general convention of the Nepali Congress would take place at Khula Manch while the closed session will be held at Bhrikutimandap. A meeting of office-bearers, central members available in Kathmandu and...



PM provides Rs 300,000 to Raute Mukhiyas

PM provides Rs 300,000 to Raute Mukhiyas

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has provided Rs 300,000 to the Raute Mukhiyas on Sunday.On behalf of the PM, his personal secretary Ramesh Bhattarai provided the amount to the Raute Mukhiyas- Bir Bahadur Shahi, Surya Narayan Shahi...


You can’t see me

The mighty black economyPolitical instability and black-marketing are close cousins. In Nepal, too, the Maoist insurgency followed by over a decade-long political transition has been a big boost to the informal economy. Especially after India started restricting fuel supplies following the promulgation of new constitution on September 20th, 2015 black-marketing in Nepal has reached new heights. Experiences from other unstable places in the world suggest that once the economy goes into the hands of black-marketers, it is devilishly difficult for the government to wrest back...


Subhash Ghimire - avatar Subhash Ghimire

Reclaiming real connections

Studies show that increased use of...

Mahabir Paudyal - avatar Mahabir Paudyal

Why governments fail

Politicians take issues of governance lightly...

Maximillian Morch - avatar Maximillian Morch

Solar future

Unlike huge hydro projects solar plants...

Republica - avatar Republica

Infographics: Which country has the largest diaspora?

India now has the world's largest...

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The Week

Cover  Story: No place to call home

Cover Story: No place to call home

Just think back to the last time you averted your eyes at the sight of a dirty, barely clothed person on the streets. Perhaps the last time you switched lanes because a disoriented woman, muttering abuses, was fast approaching. Even...

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Observing V-Day with green intentions

Observing V-Day with green intentions

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: WWF Nepal celebrated the second anniversary of 'The Generation Green' campaign with the event 'My First Green Date' that was held at Civil Mall in Sundhara on Sunday, February 14. The event was the launch of the...


Disrupting Yourself

Disrupting Yourself

The once world dominant brand Nokia today has become absolute...


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