| August 31, 2015


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Masked kids

Children wearing masks participate in the shrine walk as they celebrate Matya (festival of light) in Patan. (Bijay Gajmer) ...

Roadside shave

A man gets his beard shaved at a roadside barber shop in Patan. (Bijay Gajmer) ...

Lone crusader

Dr Govinda KC on eight day of his hunger strike at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Maharajgung in Karthmandu. (Dipesh Shrestha) ...

Matya festival

Buddhist followers from Newar community offer rice grain as they take part in the shrine walk while celebrating Matya festival in Patan. (Bijay Gajmer) ...


Parliamentary committee concerned on health status of Dr KC

Parliamentary committee concerned on health status of Dr KC

KATHMANDU, Aug 31: A team headed by Chairman of Legislature-Parliament Committee on Social Justice and Human Rights Sushil Kumar Shrestha on Monday took stock of the health status of senior orthopedic surgeon Prof Dr Govinda KC, who is on a...


Rs 1m for rescuing trafficked victims in Bangkok

KATHMANDU, Aug 31: Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MoWCSW) has decided to allocate funds for rescue and repatriation of trafficked Nepalis in Bangkok.The MoWCSW has said that it will allot Rs 1 million to the Nepal Embassy in...


Week to heal

The constitutional process The four major political parties, including MJF (Loktantrik), which had earlier declared itself out of the ongoing constitutional process, have on Sunday agreed to give continuity to Constituent Assembly procedures. Accordingly, the dissenting parties have been given a week to table their desired amendments to the draft constitution. MJF (Loktantrik) has made it clear that the draft in its current form is unacceptable and significant amendments will have to be made to take Tharus and Madheshis into confidence. We believe one week is...


Mahabir Paudyal - avatar Mahabir Paudyal

Speak some evil

When "progressives" of all hues interpret...

Bhairab Raj Kaini - avatar Bhairab Raj Kaini

Vanishing act

Agriculture has been practiced in Nepal...

David Kainee - avatar David Kainee

Revisiting Tikapur

Whatever its proximate cause, Tikapur incident...

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The Week

The Proxy Mothers

The Proxy Mothers

Kalpana Ghosh is nine months pregnant. She is eagerly awaiting the birth of the child that is finally going make her dream of building a small house for her family come true. Ghosh, a surrogate mother, will get 350 thousand...

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Miley Cyrus leaves little to imagination, wears revealing outfits at MTV VMA (with video)

Miley Cyrus leaves little to imagination, wears revealing outfits at MTV VMA (with video)

LOS ANGELES, Aug 31: Controversial singer Miley Cyrus made heads turn at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards with a revealing outfit.The 'Wrecking ball' singer shocked onlookers with silver belts wrapped around her body and a chandelier piece strapped around...


Crafting a resume that stands out

Crafting a resume that stands out

There are many confusions regarding resume and curriculum vitae (CV)....

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