| September 03, 2015


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New NOC team

Eleven new faces have emerged in the executive committee of the internationally recognized Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC), which elected Jeevan Ram Shrestha as i ...

In midst of greenery

Women work at a field in Khokana, Lalitpur. (Dinesh Gole) ...

Sports carnival

Gamers play Dota 2 on the last day of E-sports carnival at Civil Mall, in Kathmandu. (Bijay Gajmer) ...

In support of Dr KC

Medical students and aspirants descend to streets to support Dr Govinda KC who has been staging fast-unto-death protest for reforms in medical sector of the cou ...


Republica Polls 2 Result: Political interest main reason behind protests

This time on Republica Polls, we asked our readers/ visitors the reason behind the ongoing protests/uprising against the proposed federal model of the country.We had given them three options to choose from- whether foreign intervention was behind it, or if...



Transport operators defy banda out of desperation in Nepalgunj

NEPALGUNJ, Sept 3: Transport entrepreneurs in mid-western Tarai have protested against the strike imposed by Madhesi and Tharuhat Front. Trade and transportation has been badly affected since the last 23 days because of the strikes.Nepalgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry's...


Feel the pulse

Response to Tarai protestsOur top leaders need to visit places like Tikapur and Birgunj that have become epicenters of Tarai protests. This is important. Currently, there is a big communication gap between Kathmandu and the outskirts. The protesting Tharus and Madheshis feel the Pahade leaders safely ensconced within the confines of Kathmandu Valley don't care about what happens outside. Or that these leaders are incorrigibly biased against Tharus and Madheshis. It would be really unfortunate if our leaders were indeed so myopic and self-serving. If...


Bill Gates - avatar Bill Gates

Helping farmers

Our visit was a powerful reminder...

Republica - avatar Republica

Infographics: What sells most

The scale of global consumption is...

Ayush Manandhar - avatar Ayush Manandhar

Three strikes

To promote long term growth and...

Kanchan Jha - avatar Kanchan Jha

Woods for trees

Political establishment is proving incapable of...

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The Week

The Proxy Mothers

The Proxy Mothers

Kalpana Ghosh is nine months pregnant. She is eagerly awaiting the birth of the child that is finally going make her dream of building a small house for her family come true. Ghosh, a surrogate mother, will get 350 thousand...

Entertainment and Lifestyle

60 SIFF Nepal  screening concludes

60 SIFF Nepal screening concludes

KATHMANDU, Sept 3: Forty-eight one-minute long movies made it to the Nepal screening of the 60 Seconds International Film Festival held at Q's Cinemas, Durbar Marg on Thursday. Organized by Open Space Nepal (OSN) – country partner of 60 SIFF...


How to successfully handle job and studies

How to successfully handle job and studies

KATHMANDU, Aug 31: Nowadays, there are many young people who...

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