| August 29, 2015


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Hindu devotees throng to Pashpuatinath temple. (Photo: Dipesh Shrestha/Republica) ...

Rakshyabandhan and Janai Purnima

Young priests wait for Hindu devotees to offer sacred thread 'Janai' on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan and Janai Purnima at Pashupati Temple in Kathm ...


People from Limbu Community perform traditional dance during a sit-in protest organized by Limbuwan Struggle Committee demanding Limbuwan State at New Baneshwor ...

Light moments

CA members sharing light moments during CA meeting at New Baneshwor. (Dipesh Shrestha/Republica) ...


Demarcations, citizenship, threshold dominate CA discourse

Demarcations, citizenship, threshold dominate CA discourse

KATHMANDU, Aug 29: Lawmakers have demanded revisions to federal province demarcations, citizenship provisions and the threshold and also raised the concerns of various communities and the issue of inclusive representation, while taking part in deliberations on the new constitution at...


Man falls to death off cliff in Ilam

ILLAM, Aug 29: A man has died last night after falling off the Shantidanda hills in Ilam.A resident of Sangrumba-7, Kamal Bahadur Rai,48, was returning home from his relatives' home when he accidently fell off the cliff had died, according...


Faulty towers

New VC appointmentsIn the English-speaking Western world, home to almost all the top universities in the world, plagiarism is a serious offense. If someone in academia is accused of plagiarism, and the charge sticks, it usually means the end of the person's academic career, and rightly so. In plain-speak, plagiarism is theft. You can't get into someone's house and take away their belongings on the sly and make them your own. Similarly, in today's knowledge-driven world, you can't lift someone's intellectual work and try to...


Usha Pokharel - avatar Usha Pokharel

Television babes

As children grow parents have to...

Brigitte Miksa - avatar Brigitte Miksa

Future is old

By year 2040 some 55 countries...

Giri Bahadur Sunar - avatar Giri Bahadur Sunar

All wrong

Human traffickers have been good at...

Republica - avatar Republica

Infographics: Which countries have happiest children?

Where are the world's happiest children?...

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The Week

The Proxy Mothers

The Proxy Mothers

Kalpana Ghosh is nine months pregnant. She is eagerly awaiting the birth of the child that is finally going make her dream of building a small house for her family come true. Ghosh, a surrogate mother, will get 350 thousand...

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Miley Cyrus disguises as reporter to find out what people think about her (with video)

Miley Cyrus disguises as reporter to find out what people think about her (with video)

LOS ANGELES, Aug 29: Pop star Miley Cyrus went undercover and disguised herself as an Australian reporter in an attempt to find out what people really think of her.In a sketch on Wednesday's night "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Cyrus asked pedestrians...


Crafting a resume that stands out

Crafting a resume that stands out

There are many confusions regarding resume and curriculum vitae (CV)....

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