| May 27, 2016


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Bimal Ghartimagar, a key striker of Nepali national football team, consoling his mother at TUTH in Maharajgunj on Friday. (Prabin Koirala/Republica) ...

Transport strike

A cop rushes toward a school bus of Nepal Army after it was vandalized by protesters during a transport strike enforced against increment in traffic fine. (Dine ...


Police arrest a protester at Chabahil during a transport strike enforced by National Federation of Nepal Transport Entrepreneurs (NFNTE) to protest against incr ...

Harvest season

Farmers carry wheat in Dengshan Village of Shibapan Township in Ruyang County, central China's Henan Province. Henan Province, a major agricultural province of ...


Parties seek more time to solve dispute over hearing committee size

KATHMANDU, May 27: Major political parties have sought one more week for seeking solution to the dispute over formation of parliamentary hearing special committee in new parliament regulation.Leaders of major political parties on Friday asked Speaker Onsari Gharti to give...



Businessmen picket police premises, demand prompt rescue

Businessmen picket police premises, demand prompt rescue

BARA, May 27: While police investigators continue connecting the dots in Thursday's kidnapping of businessman Suresh Kedia in Birgunj, entrepreneurs and other locals on Friday picketed the police station and the Armed Police Force (APF) base camp at Telkuwa VDC...


Impunity reigns

A strike and a kidnappingThe nationwide strike launched by transport workers and transport associations and the kidnapping of Suresh Kedia of Kedia Group from Bara district, both on Thursday, epitomize the state of impunity that prevails in Nepal today. Both the incidents are the result of the state's failure to impose its writ over its territories, which in turn has emboldened criminal elements and vested interests. The transport entrepreneurs had decided to enforce the strike to protest the sharp rise in fines for traffic violations...


Surya Nath Upadhyay - avatar Surya Nath Upadhyay

Who owns water?

Commercial sale of water without a...

Usha Pokharel - avatar Usha Pokharel

On fussy eaters

Our eating habits, just like any...

Marek Abramowicz - avatar Marek Abramowicz

In Einstein’s footsteps

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is...

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The Week

Cover Story: Data Revolution

Cover Story: Data Revolution

A small army of Nepali tech geeks engineered a way to collect six terabyte of data in three months from 11 districts.“We trained about 1,700 Nepali engineers on mobile data collection technology and deployed to 11 districts, collected 6.6 million...

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square

This public square is an all-time favorite spot for youth in the Capital to get away from hustle and bustle of the busy city life.Despite being shaken by the April 2015 earthquake, Patan Durbar Square still manages to welcome visitors...


How long do you think you’ll stay with us?

How long do you think you’ll stay with us?

"How long do you think you'll stay with us?" is...


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